symm-2Photo Credit  Jennifer Jeanne Events

The evolution of bridesmaid dresses has been rapidly changing since the beginning of the 21st century. Bridesmaid’s have now taken center stage and are sharing the spotlight with the entire bridal party. We can all remember the time we were asked to be a bridesmaid for one of our friends and our first thought was “here we go again with the matchy-matchy dresses”. Today, that may no longer the case for some brides.

Although the symmetrical look is here to stay many brides are choosing the slightly-rebellious deconstructed look, giving their bridesmaids carte blanche as far as dress style and design goes.

A symmetrical look is achieved when the basic silhouette or shape remains consistent, like the girls on the left.  For example the fabric such as chiffon and the color or hue will remain the same but perhaps just the shoulder strap or the waistline may change slightly.

A deconstruct look is the opposite of symmetry as shown in the photo on the right..  If we compare the look to an English Garden where all the lovely flowers are different, yet they all blend together achieving a variegated and colorful look.  This trend screams confidence and trust in one’s bridesmaid’s giving them full control of their choice and can result in very dramatic effects.

We have put together our favorite Symmetry vs Deconstruct looks. Please tell us which bridesmaid dress style is your favorite in the comments below.


There are many ways a bride can create a symmetrical look when it comes to her bridesmaid dresses, the image on the left is the perfect example.  Our favorite part about this look is the fact that the bride kept everyone, even the flower girl in almost identical dresses and in a beautiful shade of mint. However, she gave everyone their very own unique twist by slightly changing the top structure of the dresses. Just imagine this look at a vineyard or a beautiful garden wedding.

Our favorite part about the look on the right is the fact that all the dresses are different. However, all the hems hit perfectly symmetrical above the knee and the way they are lined up creates a perfect arrow pointing directly to the bride.  This look would be perfect in a country setting, such as a rustic barn.



The blush dresses above create a symmetry between the bridesmaid’s and the bride and is our favorite part about the look on the dresses on the left. The bride and bridesmaid’s are all wearing very similar dresses but a stylish cut that looks great on everyone.  It’s the perfect detail for an enchanted forest look or country estate.

The look on the right is for the bride who breaks all the rules and wishes to be more creative on her wedding day which is what we love.  A wedding in the garden at a 5 star hotel? No problem,  this look is slightly laid-back but with a touch of class.


Grey is a color that has quickly become a bride’s favorite, it comes in various shades, styles and finishes. The bride and bridesmaids on the left showcases the perfect example of symmetry. Every detail is exactly like the last and played out to a tee, the bridesmaid’s are all dressed identical from head to toe and even the placement of their flowers is on point. This makes us love the look even more. This look would work great at a mansion or private estate.

The bride on the right is the whimsical bride. She chose a flowy style of dress for her bridesmaid’s and for herself. This look is enchanting and whimsical from the colors to the style it all screams enchanted forest. This look would be perfect for a enchanting forest or magical garden wedding.



Yellow is the perfect color for a spring-time wedding. It is ideal for the bride that wants to bring pops of color to her wedding color palette.  The bride on the left is a lover of all things bright and beautiful. She chose a symmetrical bright yellow look for her bridesmaid’s to wear while she kept it simple. We love the symmetry in this look as everyone is cohesive and simple at the same time. This look would fit well at a 5 star hotel where everything is elegant and put together just like the bride.

The bride on the right is the edgy bride, the bride that is creative and into art. We love the creative look that this bride has given her bridesmaid’s. It is the perfect look for the bride that is edgy and likes to have fun. This look would be amazing for a city wedding or even in a library. They do say the greatest love stories are stored there.

When it comes down to planning a wedding it can be difficult finding the exact look that you are going for. However, we have broken down our favorite symmetrical and deconstructed looks for you. Which look has caught your attention the most? Which look would you use on your special day.