A Dog For Every Wedding!

Couples who are getting married certainly love each other, but they also love their pets!  With an industry that offers a unique wedding for every bride, it’s only fitting that there are a variety of designs to polish up puppies as well.  For couples who choose to share their day with their furry best friends, here are some styles we adore on 15 of the most fashionable four-legged guests.


Photo via Get Leashed Magazine

  1. Vintage Velvet

What dog could go wrong with a slightly-oversized, crushed velvet bow tie that matches the bride’s peep-toe heels and contrasts her wispy, powder blue skirt?  Plus, they’ve got the perfect pose going on for a pup-inclusive photo op!


Photo by Analisa Joy Photography

  1. Miniature Garland Collar

A woven collection of verdant leaves, romantic roses, and loops of lovely ribbon adds instant class to this tiny Toto.


Photo by Jen + Ashley Photography

  1. Lush Bay Leaf Wreath

A larger pup calls for significant fashion!  The swell of bay leaf branches around this collie’s collar creates a gorgeous style to match the bridal bouquet.


Photo by KT Merry Photography

  1. Salmon Summer Soiree

With a few strands of silky salmon ribbon tied into a bow and a horseshoe of greenery and baby’s breath for photo purposes, this pup’s white coat pops for his owner’s cool summer wedding.


Photo by Ben Q. Photography

  1. A Bit of Bling for Both

The bride is not the only one wearing jewels on her wedding day!  A subtle faux diamond necklace adorns the pooch while she lovingly watches over her bride.


Photo by Anna K. Photography

  1. Squished for a Smooch

This polka dot-sporting pooch couldn’t be happier than he is right here – dressed to impress and squished between the newlyweds.


Photo by Jen Huang Photography

  1. Single Statement

When your coat looks as lovely as this pup’s, you know that a single statement accessory is all you need!  


Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

  1. Neutral Know-How

Perhaps the best way to bring more beauty to your pooch, is to dress up the humans according to their hues! Doesn’t this couple look sophisticated in grey?


Photo By Taylor Lord

  1. Rustic Romance

With a dash of burlap, a touch of lace, and one giant bloom, the bow on this pup calls for a sweet countryside coupling.


Photo by Chelsey Boatwright Photography

  1.  Dapper Dog

If his gentlemanly owner gets to wear a three piece suit to the wedding, then this pup gets to wear a crisp, pressed collar and black satin bow tie!


Photo By Leslee Mitchell 

  1.  Mama’s Girl

In a bouquet-matching collar of peonies all in a row, this bride’s charming companion looks up in adoration.


Photo by The Melideos

  1.  Elegant Paws

On the vast marble steps in the manor, this elegant bride allows her four-legged friend to snuggle up in her stunning chiffon skirts.


Photo by Anita Martin Photography

  1.  Six Groomsmen.  Fourteen Feet.

Awaiting his master’s big moment, this pup patiently stands – and is styled – in sync with the rest of the honorable groomsmen.


Photo by Christine Bentley

  1. Puppy Strut

As cool as could be, this pooch not only has a full suit jacket, shirt, and bow tie, he’s got two lovely bridesmaids to escort him down the petal-lined aisle.


Photo by KT Merry Photography

  1. Cultivated Grace

Irish wolfhounds in grand green wreaths gather in the quiet countryside of Ireland as their newlywed owners steal a delicate moment.