Bachelorette parties are meant to be one last hooray before the life of married bliss. Usually they involve plenty of alcohol, lots of dancing and money being thrown at strippers. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against drinking/dancing/throwing money at male strippers. But let’s be real – this is something you can do on any regular Friday. There are tons of fun alternatives that will make any bachelorette party a hit and create memories that will last long after the wedding is over.

Back to School

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Who said going back to school has to be boring? Check out the listings in your area and do a group class together. It could be a cooking or a baking class, a cocktail-making class (which is bound to be fun for all involved) or even a pole dancing class. It is a great way to get some bonding time together and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two in the process.

The Great Outdoors


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If the bride is into the great outdoors, what better way to spend the bachelorette weekend than on a camping trip? We’ll be upfront with you – camping would not be our definition of fun. It’s the bugs you see, bugs get us every single time (especially mosquitoes). For our BFF though we would suck it up (and come equipped with plenty of bug repellent). Glamping however… now glamping we can do. You still get the big outdoors with plenty of activities and the added bonus of all the creature’s comforts.

High Tea


Image via The Peninsula Beverly Hills

If you are in the mood for something more sophisticated, why not go for an afternoon high tea? The spread at The Peninsula Beverly Hills would put Downtown Abbey to shame. Choose between 19 loose leaf tea blends, enjoy the delicate sandwiches, mouth-watering pastries and a glass of champers.

Give Back


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It is easy to get caught up in our daily life stuff. And sometimes we forget how good it feels to give back. A lovely way to celebrate the bride’s special day would be to organize a volunteer day with her favorite charity. Or if you are looking for something closer to home it could be a volunteer day at the local hospital, retirement home, animal shelter or soup kitchen.

Bliss Out


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If in doubt why not go for tried and tested favorites? And what’s better than a relaxing day at the spa? Wedding planning is stressful, your friend is bound to appreciate some chill out time. Go for a decadent massage, have a rejuvenating facial or try a treatment you haven’t tried before. At Ole Henriksen Spa you can have your pick of the latest and most decadent treatments for the whole body (their Red Carpet Hydrafacial sounds amazing). And after you reach your zen state why not hit up a plush hotel, have a decadent (and boozy) lunch and soak in the views? The London West Hollywood is a couple of blocks away and they have a rooftop pool. Hey – we are just being service-y!

Get Your Groove On


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If the bride is a fan of live music a great way to celebrate is going to see her favorite act in concert. For the truly hardcore live music fan you could check out the local dive bar and catch some indie bands. If you want to make a weekend out of it hit up a music festival (although do remember to pack plenty of wipes. You can thank us for that nugget of wisdom later).

Go on a Scavenger Hunt


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Who doesn’t like a good scavenger hunt? You can create a scavenger hunt based on the bride’s favorite spots. Or the couple’s favorite spots. Or it can be a simple scavenger hunt that will involve running around town collecting things. Because come on – who doesn’t like riddles?

Hair-Raising Adventure


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For the bride who likes her adventures adrenaline charged options are endless. You could try rock climbing, zip lining or surfing. If you are feeling especially daring why not try sky diving? That is one memory that is bound to stay with you long after the nuptials.

Scream Your Head Off


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Theme parks seem to be a favorite for bachelor parties. And to that we say pfffffffff! Who doesn’t like a good roller-coaster we ask you? Or a creepy haunted house? And let’s not forget all the junk food.